LoomandEssence sets up Craftsy store

I’m so pleased to announce that I have opened a store on the Craftsy.com website. My first pattern — the Amherst Body Pillow Quilt — has been uploaded for sale, and I’m eager to get feedback from customers.

I first designed the pattern in a rust/maroon/steel color palette to go with my son’s standard dorm diet of pizza and nachos. Since that time, I have done a number of spin-offs in a variety of colors. This “country rose” color scheme is used in our guess bedroom les meilleurs casino en ligne. (Guests have to share space with our cat, Lola.)

In my Tweens and Teens sewing class, the girls got carried away with colors and showed just how versatile the design can be.

Although the Amherst pattern may be purchased directly on the Loom&Essence website (it will be delivered by mail), the Craftsy edition is created specifically for tablet/iPad display and can be downloaded immediately. So check it out, and start working on your own body pillow quilt. You’ll love how cuddly it is!