Building my home-sewn Eileen Fisher wardrobe

I love-love-love Eileen Fisher clothes. Her no fuss, urban chic approach fits my lifestyle and my minimalist fashion ethos. But her price tags don’t fit my budget. So with a little help from the pattern books, I’m hoping to build an EF-inspired wardrobe.

Right after browsing the Fisher website, I turned to Vogue patterns and was stunned to see the following display. (You gotta hand it to Google for knowing how to grab your browsing breadcrumbs and put them to purchase maxoderm good use!). There on the right was an ad for an asymmetrical fisher tank top, and there on the left — inside the Vogue patterns content area — was a thumbnail image for a tank top in their new summer collection.

Cool. This one’s going right in the shopping cart! Can’t say I’m crazy about the striped fabric; but the silhouette is close enough for me! Meanwhile, I’ll keep browsing to see what other knock-offs I can discover. Stay tuned!